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Texans are entitled to qualified, fair, and impartial justices.  Cherí has a broad range of experience working on a variety of legal issues.  Cherí has managed cases at all stages of litigation and has extensive experience as an appellate advocate.  Cherí is particularly well-suited to become a Justice on the Fourteenth Court of Appeals as her legal career has focused on legal research and writing, the principal work of an appellate court.  Cherí has worked on numerous civil and criminal appeals, in private practice and as a staff attorney advising and supporting judges on the Fourteenth Court of Appeals.  She knows what it takes to review appeals accurately and efficiently, and her experience as a litigator will give her an edge as an appellate judge.


Cherí has the skills to be a good Justice: good judgment and the ability to perform rigorous, meticulous legal analysis. If elected, Cherí will work to ensure Texas is a state we are proud to call home, one that values equality, dignity, generosity, and compassion. She will work hard, make well-reasoned decisions, and treat everyone with fairness and respect.        



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